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Oracle Application Express color coded report rows

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on Tuesday, 21 February 2012
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I have an Application Express application that I use as a job status display. I wanted to color code the display based on the status code of the job run. i.e. a failed job should display the row details as red, yellow for jobs that have not yet run, blue for jobs in progress, etc.

In order to achieve color coded rows I created a report based off of an SQL Query, then created a Template (Generic Columns column template). Within the template definition I used Column Template Conditions based on PL/SQL Expressions. I then assigned expressions based on the status column value. For example, for Failed/Incomplete statuses:

Then in the Column Template HTML:
The template editor allows up to four different template conditions to be specific which was enough to suit my needs. This greatly improved the visual effect of the page and quickly points out problems that need to be addressed.
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