Remote DBA support for high throughput SQL Server database environment

The client supports mobile media platform and processes millions of messages through its system every day. The system is running 24x7 with less than a few minutes of downtime over the entire year. The environment is approaching 2TB in size.

SSTS began work with this client in March of 2009. At that time the Client had 2 full time DBA's supporting the system. SSTS has been able to assume full responsibility for all operational aspects of the database environment. This has allowed the client to remove the need for all of it's full time DBA staff.  Critical databases are mirrored to Standby hardware. Monitoring has been put in place to ensure mirroring to the standby hardware is current. SSTS maintains the client backup implementation which is based on SQL Litespeed.

During the engagement SSTS also has constructed an ODS database for the client to offload many reports from the online database. Daily ETL processes migrate data from production to the ODS. The ODS has also allowed for certain data to be purged from the operational system and slowed the growth of the production system considerably.

SSTS has installed a custom suite of monitoring tools that ensure the environment is running smoothly and that alert SSTS personnel when problems arise. Backup audits are performed daily to ensure recoverability in the event of a catastrophic failure. SSTS has also developed  Robocopy scripts to copy backups to remote disks.

Throughout this client engagement SSTS has provided performance triage on several occasions to find and tune problem processes and SQL. We have also implemented a proprietary index reporting process that allows us to monitor the efficiency and size of indexes in all of the databases.