Oracle RMAN backup implementation. Advanced backup/recovery training. Remote Database Management Services.

We have had several engagements with this client. Initiallly we were called in to put together an RMAN implementation and train staff on Oracle backup and recovery. After the engagement the client was self suffiicient for a period and then called us back after a loss in the DBA staff. We've been back working with the client for about a year now. This time SSTS is acting as the DBA staff for the client. In addition to backup and recovery we are also monitoring the environemnt with ORAMON (our proprietary monitoring suite). We have also been testing Tablespace Point in Time recovery for the client since this is an important feature and has some quirks that need to be well understood in order to put it to use. The environment is very large and growing rapidly. Disk space has been a challenge and we have come up with some creative ways to perform backup activities while using the leaast amount of space as we can. For example, we have developed custom Datapump scripts for the environment that export in parallel and use zip compression on the fly.