Onsite and Remote DBA services or 25 instance Oracle environment

This client was going through a transistion as they were being aqcuired from another company. When the acquisition was announced several members of the DBA team left the company. Since they did not know the plans of the acquirer they were hesitant to hire new full time staff. However, the need to support a good size environment was apparent. The client first contacted us for consultation on the situation and a decision was needed to be made very quickly. The client first decided to bring on a larger company than SSTS since this was seen as a safer choice. We supported the client in their decision and offered to help in whatever capacity was needed moving forward. The initial agreement with the other service provider was for 3 months. After this period the client expressed some frustration with their original choice. The feeling was that the other provider made them conform to their processes and procedures and also that the expereience level of the staff was inferior than when they consulted with us. After the 3 month agreement was up the client decided to sign on with SSTS for support of their environment. We supported the client through the entire transactition (which lasted 2 years) and then transitioned support to an internal team of the parent company.